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Every time a team loses in any sports, there are losses incurred at several levels. It seems difficult to measure the exact amount of the loss. But Polish experts managed to produce a ballpark figure of the loss -- 50 million zlotys (equivalent to 14.7 million euros or 23 million dollars). Here's the calculation appearing in the daily  Rzeczpospolita (Polish, English translation ?? [Help, anyone?]),

Poland's daily GDP is five billion zlotys. If you consider that the loss in productivity was 10 percent and that 10 percent of professionally active people are interested in football, you get that figure.
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Note. More on this,

Note2. Another take on the 10 percent is here,
"Psychologists and labor production experts estimated that each Polish football fan spent at least 15 minutes discussing Sunday's match, and the frustration of defeat lowered productivity by at least 10 per cent."
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