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Second Wife

My appetite for good photographs started a couple of months ago; it was one of life's serendipities. What intrigued me was Dick Gabriel's advertisement of his new workshop at OOPSLA 2008. Titled "Extravagaria IV: Photographing Conferences", the intent of the workshop is to train a band of people into photography and collectively learning photo composition, exposing, and post processing. Incidentally, a couple of friends here were already into photography and I was seeing the good work that they were doing. But the real passion was ignited that afternoon with the post. I remember the afternoon; time flew as I was sitting in my living room browsing and trying to learn about cameras, exposure, composition, lens, filters and what not - all at the same time.

I bought a Nikon D80 a month later. By that time, I was a theoretical expert in photography - I have read a bunch of books without ever testing the theories. It took a few days to get comfortable with the camera, and I know that it will take a long time (and hard work) to be any good, but the passion that I feel talking about photography is unparallel. One of my friends told Farhana after I bought the camera, that it is almost similar to marrying a second wife. An exaggeration indeed, but the closeness that I feel to my camera and the accessories can only compare to the passion that I feel for my near and dear ones. And the photos are almost like my children - I want to make them as beautiful as I can and each of them is a favorite.

Note. It would be a sin to finish this post without a baby picture. I have started a photo blog in tumblr. Here is the plug.

Note2. Information about Dick Gabriel's workshop.
Extravagaria IV: Photographing Conferences
Oct 19, 2008
8:30 - 17:00
I would  not be able to attend the workshop, because I would be busy with other stuff. But I will be forever indebted to it because it pointed me to another love of my life.
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