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United States Director of National Intelligence controls the National Intelligence Council (NIC), the intelligence community's center for midterm and long-term strategic thinking. It publishes periodical reports on global trends mostly read by experts only, but the one released last week got a lot of attention. Titled "Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World", it offers a fresh look at how key global trends might develop over the next 15 years to influence world events. In their own words,

Our report is not meant to be an exercise in prediction or crystal ball-gazing. Mindful that there are many possible "futures," we offer a range of possibilities and potential discontinuities, as a way of opening our minds to developments we might otherwise miss.
==End Quote==

The report got the attention because the media portrayed it as the end of the US dominance. If it is true, what would happen to all the people who come to the US from around the world in search for a better future. It is already a fact that the percentage of people coming from India and China and settling here have dropped considerably because they are now hogging the US jobs and the promise of a better life in their own country. Sure, the social problems exist in China and India, but the affluence will likely improve the situation.

It is a myth, that when a ship is about to sink, rats sense it first and leave the ship. Have the "rats" in the USA already sensed something?
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