Munawar Hafiz (munawar) wrote,
Munawar Hafiz

My Turn

Two years ago, I wrote about the bad design of the Canadian visa form.

They blended two trick questions for which the normal answer is positive, among a long sequence of questions with normally a negative answer. I fell into the trap and answered no for the two 'should have been yes' questions. I had to reapply for the visa. I got the visa eventually.

This year, I am applying again to attend ICSE 2009 to be held in Vancouver next month.

I was extra cautious this time, lest I make mistakes. But to my surprise, I found that they have changed the visa form. Now, they no more have an entanglement of positive and negative questions.

They decided to change the form after a lot of people made the same mistake. Or maybe its just me initiating the change !!!
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