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It has been a while since I last made a post. From now on, I will often post my photos in this blog, via Flickr, and tell stories about it.

This was taken yesterday about 10 miles west of Champaign. All day, I had been planning to go out shooting during sunset. The sky was overcast with a lot of clouds, and I expected a glorious sunset.

I was not disappointed. However, the next step was to find a suitable place. The flat midwest and its vast cornfields were not appealing. Then I came across this railway crossing, and I got hooked to it right away.

As I was setting up, a car stopped by me. A guy stopped the car and told me that there is a "mean" German Shepherd around, and he is not very appreciative of visitors. I was pretty scared, and quickly got done with the shot.

It was a windy day. Given another opportunity, I would have takes the shot with a higher ISO (perhaps 320) to cut down some of the wind action. The wind action is not visible here, but I would always wonder how the photo would be with a faster shutter speed.

I used my new polarizer to get this shot, but really it was not needed. Instead it was a pain to manage it. Note to self: use equipments only when necessary.
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