Munawar Hafiz (munawar) wrote,
Munawar Hafiz

Desolation Row

01 Desolation Row
Originally uploaded by Munawar Hafiz
This shot was taken south of Champaign, after taking a random left turn on IL-45.

When I started driving at 5, I was expecting a beautiful sunset. But as soon as I turned westward, I saw a huge patch of black could on the horizon, which would completely block the sun (That it did). Heartbroken, I started driving south looking for some inspiration. Finally, on a desolated crossroad, I came across this haunted house.

I could imagine it coming straight from a psycho thriller: a perfect hideout for a lunatic. I set my equipments while in the car, came out and took the shot, and went back to my sanctuary (in the car) -- all in 5 minutes. Had there been anybody hiding there, it was ample time for him to plan and attack. What a fool I am !!

Note. This is facing eastward, opposing the sun. But as I mentioned, the setting sun was behind a patch of dark clouds, so no action of the sun, adding to the eeriness of the photo.

Note2. The aspect that I love the most about this photo is that it is a great example of dynamic balance: the way the trees in the vanishing point balance the house in the foreground.
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